pinit fg en rect gray 20   Helmet Cams and Carbon Junior Bikes Up for Ban by USA Cycling

helmet cams and carbon junior bikes up for ban by usa cycling   Helmet Cams and Carbon Junior Bikes Up for Ban by USA Cycling

USA Cycling is currently reviewing several updates for its rulebook to be implemented in 2011. Some of the proposed changes include bans on helmet cams, junior bike equipment and creation of a singlespeed cyclocross championship.

The USAC Board of Trustees will hold converge on November 6 and should finalize their decisions on the updates for the rulebook by November 8.

The rule bans accessories like cameras, visors and fairings to be found on helmets. However, it”s acceptable for the bike to have them. Technical director Shawn Farrell explains the reason for the proposed items. “It’s more from a risk management perspective and the recognition that it would have to affect the safety aspects of the helmet, just by definition. In a crash, if you do a header best online casino right on top of your helmet cam, you’re going to drive it right through your helmet into your head.”

The rule ban on equipment for junior bicycles would be to forbid wheels, handlebar extensions and tubular tires made from composite construction. This ban has several versions as applied. “It was something they collected from someone out in the field. I assume it has to do with the feeling that cycling is becoming too expensive for little kids.”

Finally, the third rule change of note is to add the men and women”s elite singlespeed categories to the cyclocross national championship level. “It was really, really popular last year, but was not a championship event,” said Farrell.