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ecodrive concept bike   Ecodrive Concept Bike

The Ecodrive Concept Bike is the brainchild of designer Juil Kim, which incorporates signal lights on a bicycle. The bike was entered in the 2010 Seoul Cycle Design Competition and stood out because of its ability to signal when turning. Currently when you are out riding a bicycle, you are advised to use hand signal when making turns to the left or right. However, this requires you to let go of your handlebars.

In order to avoid such situation, the concept of mounting signal lamps on a bike came about. A battery installed inside the aluminum frame of the bicycle does the trick. It provides power to the mounted signal lamps that can be controlled from the handlebar. The Ecodrive Concept Bike also has a smartphone mount wherein you can measure and track your ride through GPS.

Although still a prototype, many are attracted to the idea of creating integrated signal lights to decrease accidents.

ecodrive concept bike 2   Ecodrive Concept Bike

ecodrive concept bike 3   Ecodrive Concept Bike