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blur b2 goggles   Blur B2 Goggles

Blur Optics introduces a fresh line of B2 Bike Goggles. The B2 goggles feature a narrow frame that can fit into almost any helmet. Its frame design is also vented to give you better air circulation.

The B2 Goggles provides a comfortable fit with its triple density foam on the frame. To eliminate having the foam hug your eye and nose too tightly, it also has self-adjusting strap attachment wings and a clear silicon gripper strap.

The side wings are there to help position the goggles correctly in place and to keep them secure when riding hard and wild. The replaceable lenses ($6.99) come in Clear, Smoke, Amp Blue, Amber, Mirror, Roll-Off (compatible with “Scott” roll off systems) and Light Sensitive. Tear offs ($13.95) are also available.

Blur 2 Goggles are comprised of the Phobia (colorful street design), the Karma (dragon inspired), the Frenzy (retro blue), the Logger (simple brown and cream graphics) and the Volt (basic black and white). Each item comes in a microfiber bag for protection. Retail price is $59.99.

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