pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Magura Durin Raceline Fork

2011 magura durin raceline fork   2011 Magura Durin Raceline Fork

The Durin Raceline fork from Magura is limited to 600 units in production for 2011. It features a more progressive spring rate with matching new decals.

The winning fork used by Alban Lakata of Austria, World Champion marathon 2010, the Durin Race fork saw world championships, european championships and other national titles. The Durin Raceline fork guarantees superior performance for XC racing and more.

Magura incorporated safety dropouts with 45 degree openings to fit the hub perfectly. It also has a remote control lever to make mounting simple to do, weighing only 52 grams with the cables.

The Durin Raceline fork has the Dynamic Lock Out setup for a more reactive fork even with hard impacts. It also comes with aluminum adjuster knobs and better cable fixing. For a cleaner looking fork, the cable end merges within the adjuster knobs.

For maximum torsion and stiffness, the Magura Durin Race fork has the DAD or Double Arch Design. It also has a tapered steerer option and new damping oil system that makes this limited edition fork a must-have.