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trp cx9 cyclocross brakes 300x186   TRP CX9 Cyclocross Brakes

TRP’s latest addition to its cyclocross brakes are the CX9. It is a mini V-brake which boasts of superior stopping power.

The TRP CX9 is the latest high end mini V-brakes that has caught the fancy of cyclocross riders and fans as well. It is designed to operate the 90mm machined aluminum arms, titanium hardware road pad brake to easily adapt the spring tensions and screw on each arms.

The CX9 is able to minimize fork shudder and less operational road leverage on any type of terrain. It does not require a longer arm V-brake to create that good bite stoppage with less lever stroke.

The TRP CX9 is within the category of the 147grams per wheel, however, it is much lighter at 160grams–which includes its hardware and compliment accessories, doing away with the front and rear hangers. The system is also very convenient as it has a barrel adjuster that allows you to dial in tension without the use of the Allen key via an easy quick release.

Providing enough clearance and protection from mud and snow, the CX9 is currently tag at a retail price of $130 in the market today.