pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

schwinn vestige biodegradable flax fiber bike   Schwinn Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

Schwinn debuts a eco friendly bike at 2010 EuroBike, which took home the EuroBike Gold Award for innovative design.

The Schwinn Vestige looks like your basic commuter bike on the surface, but is constructed of natural biodegradable flax fibers splashed with water soluble paint. As you can imagine, this is the first time a bike company has achieved this.

Acting almost like a carbon frame, the flax fibers insulation absorbs vibrations.

The tubing on the Schwinn Vestige is translucent, and a internal lighting system is placed within the tubes for a nice light show. Instead of batteries, the lighting system is powered by the front hub.

As of now, information on a release or retail price is not available.