owleye bike lights 1 300x201   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3

Owleye introduces its Rainbow series with two new models, a front bicycle light known as 1991-901-3 and a tail light, 1992-902-3. Both models use solar energy for recharging. On a 2 hour quick charge under the sun, the lights can effectively deliver an hour of light in constant mode and 2 hours in flash mode.

The front bike light has two modes for better visibility and lighting. It uses 3 LEDs and has a Li-ion battery pack. The rear bike light also uses 3 LEDs and is easy to install with a 180 degree free adjustment.

It is not a surprise Owleye Bicycle Lights bare HICHIA LED, 12500-155OOmcd and 610 mah for the super brightness and visibility. The solar head light is specifically designed to be user and environmental friendly. The solar power tail light has a storage battery of Li-ion, 150 mah and weighs 21g.

The accessories are durable and sturdy. Both units are water resistant (JIS IPP standard), with a trendy stylish hard housing to withstand abuse.

As far as colors go, there’s a fair selection to chose from. The Rainbow series come in silver, white, green, orange red, pink and blue.

owleye bike lights 3   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3