pinit fg en rect gray 20   Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires

origin8 29er tires 1 300x300   Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires

The company that gave you Duro Tire introduces Origin8 29er Tires. The two models, Captiv8er and Agit8er, are designed to withstand hard riding with a Kevlar belt under the treads for tire flat protection.

The Agit8er 29er was originally dubbed the “Duro Miner 29er”. It weighs around 710g and is made for XC racing and training. Tire pressure is at 65 psi with a tire thread count of 60 tpi. The Agit8er has small square center blocks that are placed in a “V” pattern. With gray sidewall and Aramid bead, the Agit8er has an MSRP of $30.

For trail riding, the Captiv8er was meant to be called “Gremlin” under Duro Tire. It features the same tire pressure and thread count as the Agit8er. It has a rounded profile with widely placed low square blocks for tight grip at high speeds. With an ISO diameter of 622mm, the Captiv8er weighs around 820g and retails for $30.

origin8 29er tires 2   Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires