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Italian company, Nevi comes out with a prototype that features kinetic energy recovery or K.E.R. The Nevi Bi-KER is a pedal-assist bike that can be adjusted to accommodate fixed gear and multispeed rear hubs. Nevi further describes the new Bi-KER, “The Nevi Bi-KER mountain bike prototype demonstrates the integration of electric energy with the handling and simplicity of a bicycle. Extreme lightness, tight and steep single-track capability, walk-upstairs and car roof rack convenience, set it apart from the electric moped characteristics of current electric bikes.”

The Nevi Bi-KER prototype features Torqrank technology, which provides you torque feedback, launch control for uphill riding and a program that is based on your heart-rate. A patented drivetrain is also in place, made with precision by Cobi. Mavel created a 3-phase electric motor, control and power electronics especially for the Bi-KER, too.

The Nevi Bi-KER uses a grade5 and grade 9 titanium frame. You can even customize the sizes of the frame to fit you. It also has post-mount rear calipers and an integrated electric powertrain. Tension-adjustment dropouts, a tracking-truss fork and belt-drive promises to give you maximum output performance and pedaling cadence.

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