pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic Helmet

garneau vorttice aerodynamic helmet 300x232   Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic HelmetLouis-Garneau brings to you Vorttice, the aerodynamic helmet which aims to make you go faster. The Vorttice is a result from a balance of expert training and feedback from athletes worldwide. It has a design that maximizes the aerodynamic features of the helmet. Patent for the helmet is still pending though.

The Vorttice features the dimpled technology on the front, allows the airflow to be close to the helmet, hugging over the dents when hitting the vortex generator at the top of the helmet. The shape of the Vorttice lets it take on wind that comes from different directions without slowing you down.

It also has a direct air intake or main vent on the front, at the highest pressure point, which takes in the blunt force of the wind and redirects it in three evacuation channels inside the helmet, keeping it well ventilated and lets the air exit freely at the back. Garneau has provided a video, we hope you enjoy.