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The Flat Pedal PC2 from Ergon is a power pedal that aims to delight every urban cyclist. The PC2 is made from a lightweight durable material called GFK Composite, which was developed by Ergon with Magura. The main feature that sets the PC2 flat pedal apart is its 3M-SafetyWalkTM portion on the pedal’s platform. This is what keeps your foot from slipping and maximizes the transfer of power from foot to pedal.

The PC2 has polymer bearings with radial seals and an inner-stop to position your foot correctly on the pedal. To minimize the Q-factor, it has a narrow axle construction and a contoured platform. The pedal is designed with a 6 degree angle on the platform to minimize hip-knee-foot complaints with the correct biomechanics and proper alignment of joints.

The Ergon Flat Pedal PC2 has integrated reflectors for visibility and was a Eurobike 2010 Awardee.

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