de rosa avant   De Rosa Avant

Cristiano De Rosa, owner of De Rosa Bicycles, recommends the Avant 2011 model as an entry-level bicycle and here’s why: Avant carries a simple carbon monocoque structure that is very responsive on the road and is quite light and easy to handle. It is also a quality bicycle at a reasonable well-within-your-budget price.

With its well-proportioned lines, the Avant takes on a classic look with a modern twist on its parts. It has an FSA OS150 stem and FSA Wing Compact handlebars. For shifters and brakes, the AVant has Campagnolo Veloce 10V. Other features include a De Rosa seat post, Campagnolo Khamsin wheels and Vittoria Diamante Pro tires.

The saddle is a FizikArione and there’s a bottle cage from Elite to let you stay hydrated on the road. The De Rosa Avant comes in four colors including green, red, yellow and zero matt.

de rosa avant 2   De Rosa Avant

de rosa avant 3   De Rosa Avant

de rosa avant 4   De Rosa Avant