pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cole 29er Lite Wheel

cole 29er lite wheel   Cole 29er Lite Wheel

The 29er Lite Wheel is Cole Wheels’ first venture in the 29-inch arena. The company started in 2004 and is well known for its patented Dynamic Spoke Alignment system, which is featured on the 29er Lite.

Made to meet the needs of all mountain, XC, trail and endurance racing, the 29er Lite features Cole Aries DSA M15 XC front hub, Shimano Center-Lock system and an M15 hub internal axle. Together with the forged hub shells and Swiss steel spokes, it promises better alignment and acceleration.

Lateral stiffness is maintained and reinforced by Cole Alloy DH clincher type aluminum (black anodized) rim that also supports a tubeless conversion. The 29er Lite has double threaded and double butted spokes on its 23.5mm profile, too.

Weighing at 1790g, MSRP is $700.