pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cielo Cross Frame

cielo cross frame 300x200   Cielo Cross Frame

The Cielo Cross Frame by Chris King is now available. The handcrafted tempered OX Platinum steel cross frame along with fork will be used by the Pedro’s Elite Cyclocross team.

The Cielo Cross frame could be fitted with optional fender eyelets, making it a multi-purpose machine contender. It has a steer tube of 1/1 – 8” and a bottom bracket width of 68mm English thread. With a 130mm rear hub spacing and a seat post of 27.2mm, the Cross carries a warranty of 5 year craftsmanship and one year on materials.

Furthermore, the cyclocross frame is now issued in a variety of colors: Transit grey, Oyster white, Fall orange, Jade green, Galaxy black and Cielo Blue. Tagged at $1,895.00 with the fork included.