pinit fg en rect gray 20   Amgen Tour of California 2011 Host Cities

amgen tour of california 2011 host cities   Amgen Tour of California 2011 Host Cities

One of the most popular cycling races in the United States, Amgen Tour of California, announced this mourning the 2011 host cities.

As usual, the race will last eight days and travel over 800 miles. This is the Amgen Tour of California sixth event and starts May 15th through the 22nd 2011.

Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California will start in Lake Tahoe for the first time. The race will end in Amgen’s hometown of Thousand Oaks.

The complete list of newly cities added to the Tour of California for 2011 are South Lake Tahoe (previously stated), North Lake Tahoe-Northstart at Tahoe Resort, North Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley USA, Auburn, Livermore, Claremont, and Mt. Baldy.

The Tour of California will still stop in Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Seaside, Paso Robles, Solvang, Santa Clarita, and Thousand Oaks.

Missing from last year is Davis, and Santa Rosa.

Like previously stated, the 2011 Amgen Tour of California will visit 15 host cities, but you can still witness the tour traveling through other cities on its way to the finish. See below for the overall stage starts and ends.

South Lake Tahoe to North Lake Tahoe-Northstar at Tahoe Resort
Stage 2: Monday, May 16 – North Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley USA to Sacramento
Stage 3: Tuesday, May 17 – Auburn to Modesto
Stage 4: Wednesday, May 18 – Livermore to San Jose
Stage 5: Thursday, May 19 – Seaside to Paso Robles
Stage 6: Friday, May 20 – Solvang Individual Time Trial
Stage 7: Saturday, May 21 – Claremont to Mt. Baldy
Stage 8: Sunday, May 22 – Santa Clarita to Thousand Oaks