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For the tough and rough racer, there is the 3T Scatto Ltd track bar. It bears the original geometric design very much similar to that of the Sphinx. It is, however, supped up in stiffness to aid in the case of dire and punishing track maneuvers.

The Scatto and the Sphinx share the latest aerofoil top wing with a unique forward sweep and symmetrical section. The round section handholds, or drops of the Scatto act as wingtips, dangling by a narrow vertical strut. It provides less wind resistance to the wing and struts, which secures the handholds during fast-breaking sprints.

The 3T Scatto Ltd carbon track bar is lightweight. It is much lighter than that of an alloy or chromo sprint bar and has a much better aerodynamic rating. Price: £ 254.99 inclusive of VAT.