pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

2011 wtb bronson tires and stryker wheels 285x300   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

WTB introduces its Bronson tires for 2011 for all-mountain riding. The Bronson tire was built around WTB’s TCS bead. Coming out with the 2011 Stryker wheels, the Bronson tire comes in three sizes 2.1″ and 2.3″ for 26″ wheels and 2.2″ for 29ers.

Jason Moeschler of WTB says, “Instead of having to use ridiculously sticky rubber for traction, we opted to design a better tread pattern. This allows us to use a firm, durable compound, greatly improving tire life.”

The tread pattern of the tires are widely spaced U-shaped knobs that can cover a larger area and allows shedding of the mud easily. For race tires, the Bronson retails for $55. As for tubeless, retail price is $65.

WTB also launches its Stryker Wheels ,which uses 7000-series aluminum rims. It also features triple-butted WTB spokes and WTB hubset. The wheels weighs 1465 grams. It will be available in November.

The WTB Stryker Wheels will have two versions, one for enduro and the other for all-mountain. The all-mountain wheels features 20mm front hubs and 12mm rear hubs. Both versions are tubeless and retails $1100 for the enduro version and $1150 for the all-mountain version.