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Corsair Bikes introduces a 3-in-1 frame in 2011 for the average cycling enthusiast on a budget. The new frame is called Dominion and is specially designed to fit 3 riding disciplines, the freeride, slopestyle and the downhill. The new frame is priced at about $2000 and will be available in March or June of 2011.

The Dominion is one frame that you can build up and set up for DH, FR or SS on any day by simply replacing the shocks and the forks. The length of the forks you can use are 9.5, 8.5, 7.5 and 6.5 inch forks. Each time you want to modify the frame, you can adjust the head angle from 62.5 degrees to 69 degrees as well as the chainstay length.

The Dominion uses a new linkage suspension layout called the Unit. It has an asymmetric design that allows you to use E-type front derailleur. A medium-sized frame weighs 9.7lbs with steel coil of 9.5″ ete shock and steel hardware with 73mmX135mm.

2011 Corsair Bikes Dominion no longer uses paint for color. It now features digital vinyl graphics that can be laminated on the bike easily. It can also be changed easily and you don’t need to wait for days for a new paint job.

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