2011 continental tires 1 300x200   2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber QueenMore 2011 Continental tires were revealed for all-mountain riding and long travel use at Interbike 2010. These were the Der Kaiser, Der Baron and Rubber Queen tires. The Der Kaiser and Der Baron tires share tire height of 2.5″ and tire width of 2.3″. Aimed to cater to all-mountain enthusiasts, the Der Baron uses Black Chilli rubber compound. This allows the tire to be ready for damp trails and greasy roads. The Der Baron was also known as the Rain King last year.

The Black Chilli compound is a soft rubber of the best kind. It is mainly for race use and it’s notable that despite it being soft and sticky, it shows great resistance to tearing. This makes the rubber last longer instead of easy wear. All tires that use Black Chilli are handmade in Germany, at the Korbach Continental factory.

The Der Kaiser is a tire made for dry roads and DH trails with its soft compound quality, thanks to the Black Chilli. It has a double-walled casing and a band of edge knobs to give you better control and steering on corners. The Der Kaiser has a claimed weight of 1200 grams.

The Rubber Queen comes in 2.2″ and 2.4″ sizes. It is marketed for long travel and all-mountain riding with a claimed weight of 650 grams to 1050 grams, depending on the size. It has apex on its sidewalls as it also uses the Black Chilli compound. It is dubbed as the Freeride Queen.

2011 continental tires 2   2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber Queen

2011 continental tires 3   2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber Queen