pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp 808 Rims 2011

zipp 808 rims 300x199   Zipp 808 Rims 2011Eurobike revealed Zipp‘s new rims for 2011, the 808. It features the Firecrest profile which first appeared on the 404 clincher. The Zipp 808 rims has wide walls and blunt inner rim wall. The airflow is kept close to the wheel and goes out on the wheel’s path for better airflow. It also has a wide tire bed so matching it with 23c tubular tires is easy. This results to better road impact and resistance.

The Zipp 808 rims has carbon clincher version with similar features as with its tubular counterpart. The weight for Zipp 808 tubular rims are 1519g. The carbon clincher weighs 1759g. It also has clincher wheels with aluminum braking which weighs 1912g. Pricing for the rims are $2500 (tubular), $2950 (carbon clincher) and $2500 (aluminum braking surfaces).