pinit fg en rect gray 20   Watchdog Timing System

watchdog timing system   Watchdog Timing System

When it comes to personal timing, the Watchdog Timing System is the latest addition to the DMC Moto trainer and the Freelap. The Watchdog Timing System is made with electronics from Texas Instruments. It can read altimeter and temperature. More so, Watchdog programmed the watch to be in sync with the timing system.

The new Watchdog Timing System has a built-in heart monitor and a chest strap. It features a laser with full size systems by Tag Hauer and claims to be more accurate than the Freelap.

The laser can get accurate data within 300m in all directions from where the laser was placed.
For two laser units and a watch, the retail prize for the gadget is 279 Euro. If many riders use the same system, an extra watch is priced at 95 Euro.

watchdog timing system 1   Watchdog Timing System

Source: PinkBike