pinit fg en rect gray 20   Syncros FRIC Stem

syncros fric stem 1 300x200   Syncros FRIC StemSyncros introduces a new type of stem for 2011, the FreeRide Intelligent Clamp or FRIC. What makes the FRIC stem unique is that it is forged, making it lighter than its CNC machined counterparts. It weighs only 124g. It features a 260 degree faceplate bar clamp wrapped on the handlebar which translates to better control of the stem. This will also let you fit the tapered portion of the bar through.

The 2011 Syncros FRIC Stem also has a unique front face. This is a patented face by Syncros. The FRIC Stem comes in 45mm only and with two color options, black with chrome faceplate or white with black faceplate. It will be available in December. MSRP is $79.95.

syncros fric stem 2   Syncros FRIC Stem

Source: PinkBike