pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rockgardn 2011 NEO Kneeguard

rockgardn neo kneeguard 275x300   Rockgardn 2011 NEO KneeguardRockgardn’s 2011 NEO kneeguard is the latest item from the company which guarantees superior quality body armor. The NEO is made with Kevlar impact panel that gives full coverage and resistance to wear and tear. It has an inner plastic kneecap with several layers of EVA foam for maximum impact absorption.

President of Rockgardn, Mark Carlton describes the NEO, “We wanted the NEO to meet some pretty stringent standards. It needed to be tough without sacrificing comfort and range of motion, and it had to be super stable on the leg during a crash”.

The 2011 NEO retails for $69.95. Carlton adds, “In order to use rigid plastic underneath, you have to have a really tough outer layer. Even though the Kevlar fabric is crazy expensive, we think it’s the best choice out there”.

The NEO kneeguard also features inner and outer knee side padding to further protect your joints. It has a “second skin” design that imitates movement of real skin when met with downward and rotational forces. It has been tested thoroughly by the Rockgardn Factory Team and available in S, M, L, and XL.