pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gravity Light Components Stem, Chainguide

gravity light components 1 300x200   Gravity Light Components Stem, ChainguideGravity reveals new components under Gravity Light. The Gravity Light Stem features new graphics from Andrew Taylor. Previous stems from Gravity were CNC’d which meant use of more material. The Gravity Light Stem is 3D forged. This is a process where sheer force shaped and formed the stem through weight and pressure without the need for excess material to make it strong and durable.

The Gravity Light Stem weighs 145 grams which supports its lightweight quality. It comes in three lengths of 90, 75 and 60mm.

The Gravity Light Chainguide may seem just like any other chainguide in its design but the material used in making this component is the Dupont Hytrel composite. It has an aluminum backplate. ISCG and OSCG-05 mounting tabs are compatible with it. 36 or 38 tooth rings can also be used.

gravity light components 2   Gravity Light Components Stem, Chainguide

Source: PinkBike