pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack Drivetrain System

CenterTrack Drivetrain System 300x222   Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack Drivetrain SystemGates Carbon Drive Systems unveils the CenterTrack drivetrain technology, the latest invention of Wayne Lumpkin. Lumpkin shares what inspired him to create CenterTrack, “My goal is always to create products that make bicycling easier and more fun for the user. I want cyclists to enjoy the ride without having to think about maintenance. CenterTrack achieves that goal.” It has a new design which takes all the benefits of carbon drivers and applying them on the Center Track design.

CenterTrack will be offered as part of the CX-CT drivetrain and marketed under the CDX and CDC product line. It features a slimmer profile than other belt-drive system. It has 20% more tensile strength and is ideal for muddy and snowy conditions.

From the belt and pulley system, the CenterTrack features a narrow track which runs in the center of the front and rear pulleys. No more side flanges. Gates Carbon Drive Systems claim it to be the cleanest drivetrain since the belt’s teeth works with the pulleys that lets the dirt and grime fall off. The belt itself makes the fitting of the track more accurate.

Director of Gates Carbon Drive Systems Todd Sellden says, “We believe it will become one of the bike industry’s must-have killer apps.”