pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freedom ThickSlick Urban Tires

freedom thickslick urban tires 300x195   Freedom ThickSlick Urban Tires2010 Interbike saw Freedom Bicycle and its white ThickSlick Urban Tires. The tires are extremely durable with its dual protective rubber casing that’s engineered to withstand the wear and tear of urban riding. The ThickSlick tires feature Freedom Bicycle’s Urban Armor casing tire technology and uses an anit-puncture belt made of Kevlar bits that molds itself to the circumference and tread width of the tire.

The 700x25c tire comes in four models. These are Elite, Elite Folding, Deluxe and Sport. The Elite version weighs 480 grams, the heaviest among the line-up. The lightest is the Sport, at 445 grams. The Elite Folding and Deluxe weighs 450 grams and 460 grams, respectively.