bella ciao city bikes 1 300x193   Bella Ciao City Bikes: Ingegnere, Corvo Citta Donna, UomoBella Ciao of Italy introduces three new city bikes to the market. These are the Corvo Citta Uomo, Corvo Citta Donna and the Ingegnere. The Corvo Citta Uomo is a singlespeed bike which has a total weight of 14kg. It features a steel frame, Brooks B17 leather saddle and leather grips. It has 6mm horizontal dropouts, Shimano front and rear hub and 28 inch aluminum wheels. It comes in three sizes and has Bella Ciao Componenti Speciali handlebars for easy maneuvering.

The Corvo Citta Donna has almost identical specs with the Corvo Citta Uomo. Also a singlespeed bike, the frame veers away from the traditional triangle and measures 54cm from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. Chain guard and frame has the same 3 layer paint, powder coated. An option for a Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal gear is available.

Finally, the Ingegnere is the lightest singlespeed bike among the three city bikes, weighing 11kg. With a steel frame and Tange Seiki headset, it is available in three sizes 21.3”, 22.4” and 23.6”. It features Shimano rear an front hub, Brooks saddle and grips, MKS Sylvan stream pedals, Continental Sport Contact tires and Tektro R556 front brake.

Retail prices for the bikes are £799 (Ingegnere) and £599 (Corvo Citta Donna and Uomo).

bella ciao city bikes 2   Bella Ciao City Bikes: Ingegnere, Corvo Citta Donna, Uomo

bella ciao city bikes 3   Bella Ciao City Bikes: Ingegnere, Corvo Citta Donna, Uomo