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all wood bike set world speed record   All Wood Bike To Set World Speed RecordMichael Thompson of Eco-Shed, Norfolk, UK took on the challenge of making a wooden bike which can be ridden and is expected to set a world record at the same time for such feat. The idea of creating a wooden bike has been tried before but so far, no one was able to fully succeed in riding it for a world record. Thompson reveals that his wooden bike will be using birch plywood for the frame and exotic hardwoods for other components like the bearings and bushes.

As for the wheels and overall drive system, Thompson opts not to comment on them yet. Although he is hopeful in making the wooden bike run with a push start and the gearing will be high since it follows a track bike design.

Triathlete James Tully is assigned to ride the bike at a speed of 25mph-35mph. The ride might cover about 10 miles. “We hope to have a rideable bike ready by the end of October and after a couple of weeks testing we should be ready to go for a record attempt in November, weather permitting,” said Thompson.