pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Boa Shoes

2011 scott boa shoes   2011 Scott Boa Shoes

2011 ushers a new line of footwear from Scott called the Boa. The line features the Boa Lace System which provides custom comfort without adding on pressure on your feet. The Boa models can be found across Scott’s MTB (MTB Team Boa), Road (Road Team Boa) and Sport (Boulder Boad and Trail Boa) shoes. Retail price is $125.

The 2011 Boa shoes features Power Zone Outsole. This is Scott’s engineered stiffness applied to create an efficient transfer of energy from foot to pedal. The Axial zone reduces the strain on your ankles, knees and torsion forks at the end of the power zone acts like individual springs.

It also has a wrap fit design which is a second layer of synthetic leather and fabric. This will allow the upper to be molded perfectly on different shapes and sizes of feet. It also has the ErgoLogic Sole which comes with a metatarsal pad, heel cradle and an arch adjustment design to make sure that your foot is stepping on a sole that diminishes the risk of injury.

2011 scott boa shoes 1   2011 Scott Boa Shoes