pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rotor 3D+ Crank

2011 rotor 3d 300x199   2011 Rotor 3D+ CrankIn Eurobike 2010, Rotor unveils its recently updated cranks called the 3D+ cranks. The new and better version of the 3D now has a 30mm axle. This makes the 3D+ cranks compatible with other BB30, BBright spindle size from Cervelo and any BSA threaded frame.

The 2011 Rotor 3D+ is certified by the EN14781 standards. This make is of great quality. The compact BCD version weighs 470 grams while they carry a 493 grams. It also has special chainring spiders which would mean that the 2011 Rotor 3D+ cranks can be used for time trial and triathlon cycling.