pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Puma Mopion Commuter

puma mopion commuter 300x188   2011 Puma Mopion CommuterFor 2011, Puma aims to redefine the world of urban commuting with its line of amazingly intriguing designs. The latest addition to Puma’s line is the Mopion Commuter. It will be available in spring of 2011.

Puma has previously collaborated with Biomega on its Pico and Nevis models but now, aside from Biomega, the Mopion Commuter also came to be with designer Kibisi. The new urban bike brings commuting and doing daily errands to a level of stylish and functional taste. The Mopion Commuter has an extended front for your cargo using its frame as a foundation and to keep the bike in balance.

The 2011 Puma Mopion Commuter Bike has smooth steering and riding around with your goods will not be a problem. It is also a lightweight bike which you can also look good on. The new commuter bike comes in colors of white, black, and blue and white.