pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Norco 250

2011 norco 250   2011 Norco 250

Norco upgrades the dirt/street bike 250 model for 2011. With better lines and clean design, the 2011 Norco 250 now has hydroformed tubing frame that were double butted chromoly. This can be seen on the chainstays and downtube. Designed by Jim Jamieson, it now has 20mm more standover clearance and makes the frame better to handle than with the previous aluminum material.

The Norco 250 now uses a one-piece post and seat mix. This places the seatpost clamp to the top and seat tube junction. It also has thinner dropouts on the rear and removable brake hose guides.

The top end dirt jump bike uses a mid-BB which is tapered in the middle to make it lighter and the frame uses a BED paint finish which is more durable than other paints to protect the 2011 Norco 250.