pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mongoose BootR Romo

2011 mongoose bootr romo   2011 Mongoose BootR Romo

The 2011 Mongoose Boot’r Romo gets a make over and update on its current engineering and geometry which will also include a slacker head angle. It is now fully equipped with Elka suspension fork cartridge and could get you off the ground more than usual by power pedal and tracking. It is stiffer, lighter tubing with comparable travel. It is fast and stronger.

The combination of the Mongoose Boot’r Romo and Elka suspension fork cartridge has an external tunable capacity where the dial on the top is applied for low speed compression and the one at the bottom fork for rebound. It has been tested on the most treacherous terrains in which the rider may apply the suspension required. It now has a version to fit Boxxer Fork, Fox 40 and soon for the Fox 36.

The 2011 Mongoose Boot’r Romo may be customized to the rider’s specification. It has a tapered 64.5” slacker head tube angle and a 66” adjustable seat angle. Its top tube is hydroformed and has a 15mm freedrive suspension flat form. The rear wheel travel is 210mm and with 150mm dropout (Max). It also features a 17mm pivot hardware. The rear shock has an Elka stage 5 of high and low compression adjustable rebound with a 241x76mm and a19x8mm hardware. The bottom bracket is 8mm shell and hubs of 20mm formula sealed bearing through axle.

The 2011 Mongoose Boot’r Romo could sup-p with Elka suspension fork cartridge yet the signature geometric frame of aluminum suspension is maintained. The complete bike is tag at $4750.