pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Litespeed Archon C1R

2011 litespeed archon c1r   2011 Litespeed Archon C1R

For 2011, Litespeed launches its top of the line aerodynamic carbon bike, the Archon C1R. It comes in five sizes and is 150 grams lighter than its predecessor, the CR1. Litespeed uses the Reactive Pressure Molding process on the Archon C1R which meant that during the construction process, a carbon manufacturing technique that allows control on the internal form and thickness of the wall.

The Archon C1R has torsional stiffness on the headtube and increased level of stiffness on the bottom bracket. It features an aerodynamic seat mast design and aero shrouded water bottle mounting. The CEO of American Bicycle Group Peter Hurley, shares his enthusiasm over the new bike, “Our entire team has worked exceedingly hard to construct a carbon aero road bike that rides like no other and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.”

Hurley further adds, “The value of taking the time and energy to develop material-specific technology has long been evident in our experience with titanium. As the Litespeed carbon range has become more and more recognized in the global market, we see it as both a challenge and obligation to continue that tradition of excellence.”