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2011 giro shoes 1 300x119   2011 Giro Shoes2011 brings Giro at the forefront with its Performance Shoe Line. It took Giro two years to develop the line and will be available in January 2011. Composed of 7 models, the new footwear was designed for road and mountain biking. It uses high modulus carbon soles and composite soles. The models feature custom fasteners, X-static material and Teijin uppers.

The 2011 Giro shoes feature the SuperNatural Fit Footbed kit. The kit has different inserts you can choose from to give you proper arch support on whichever shoe you’re wearing. Sold as an aftersales product, the SuperNatural Fit Footbed is made specific for cycling shoes. No tools are needed to enhance the total fit of your foot and cycling shoe.

The Road models are the Prolight SLX, Trans and the Factor. The Prolight SLX uses the EC90 SLX outsole and has titanium thread inserts. It has 3 velcro straps and is available in 2 colors, black or pearl white with white. It retails for $349.

The Factor has a retail price of $279. It has 2 velcro straps and uses the EC90 outsole. It comes in 3 colors, white, black and pearl red with white. The Trans has 2 velcro straps and uses the EC70 outsole. It comes in 2 colors of blue and white and black.

The women’s line has 2 models, the Sica and Espada. Both have a retail price of $199. The Espada comes in 2 colors, charcoal with titanium and white and silver. The Sica has traditional insoles and threaded to accept toe spikes. It weighs 305 grams for a size 39.

The Mountain line has the Code and the Gauge shoe models. The Code retails at $279 and has Teijin uppers. It uses EC90 carbon sole and weighs 355 grams for size 42. The Gauge uses EC70 soles and comes in colors of black and titanium with black. It weighs 345 grams for a size 42.

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