pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Devinci Wilson Downhill MTB

2011 devinci wilson   2011 Devinci Wilson Downhill MTB

For 2011, Devinci reveals the Wilson Downhill Bike. Like other models in the 2011 line, the Devinci Wilson features the Split Pivot Suspension system. The Split Pivot rear gives active braking and lateral rigid suspension. Rocker linkage is found under the bottom bracket. Having the Split Pivot rear feeds the shock absorber correct leverage rates. This will in turn help your speed.

The 2011 Devinci Wilson has a 3.5″ stroke shock and a 216mm travel with end travel privilege. This gives you a bottomless feel with its ratio ramp. Everything comes together in a balance with its frame which is square edged. Bump compliance and pedaling power also have improved.

The 2011 Devinci Wilson is one of the three platforms Devinci has for 2011 on making the move away from FSR-style suspension.