pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 3T META Chainset

2011 3t meta chainset 300x238   2011 3T META ChainsetShown at Eurobike, 3T unveils its new chainset for 2011 called META. The 2011 3T META Chainset was the product of FEA or finite-element analysis. This is when determination of the most needed materials were carefully chosen to meet the standard and design which 3T deemed as optimal to give you the quality chainset you would need. The META chainset is made with the most minimum of materials yet still retains the degree of stiffness needed. It also saves weight by 30%, giving you a lighter and stiff chainset.

The technical director from 3T Richard McAinsh, further explains what 3T set out to accomplish with its new product which will come out in 3 versions, Ltd., Team and Pro.

“An important driver in reducing weight was to eliminate the bulky ‘boss’ at the center of the crank spider. We did this by separating the crank and the axle. The axle is now a separate, full-carbon sub-assembly carrying the five mounting points for the crank and chainrings. Our studies showed that this does not have to be heavily reinforced, and in fact the crank itself needs fixing at only three of the five mounting points. This will surprise many, but it’s very clear from the FEA analysis.”

2011 3t meta chainset 1   2011 3T META Chainset

2011 3t meta chainset 2   2011 3T META Chainset

2011 3t meta chainset 3   2011 3T META Chainset

Source: RoadCyclingUK