pinit fg en rect gray 20   VeloMini Electric Folding Bike

velomini electric folding bike   VeloMini Electric Folding Bike

While folding bikes are becoming more popular, one company strives to combine two types of bikes, a city folding bike and e-bike.

Known as VeloMini, uses a 180 watt brushless hub motor, and 24v 6AH lithium-ion battery that charges up to three hours. Top speeds of the VeloMini Electric Folding Bike are 12 mph, but if you decide to get some cardio, the bike can convert to manual pedaling.

Maybe your tired from the long day, but know you need some exercise. The VeloMini can also use a electric assist, which you can still pedal, but most of the speed is from the battery.

You can fold the VeloMini to 18 inches tall, while fitting in most cases. Retail price is $1,000, which is decent if you compare to other high end folding bikes, plus e-bikes can run much more.

Source: Treehugger