pinit fg en rect gray 20   Velocity 700c Psycho Rim

velocity 700c psycho rim   Velocity 700c Psycho Rim

The Psycho Rim by Velocity was originally used for downhill mountain biking (24″ and 26″), then a 20″ BMX offering was released. Once again, the Velocity Psycho will adapt to another cycling realm, fixed gear.

Designed for tricks, the Velocity 700c Psycho rim is offered in 36, 40, and 48 holes. For those that need a rim for hard landings and to take a beating, the Psycho 700c is 31.5mm wide, sturdier than the other track specific rims. MSRP is not known as of yet, but the rims should release to retailers soon.

velocity 700c psycho rim 1   Velocity 700c Psycho Rim