pinit fg en rect gray 20   The ThinBike

the thinbike 300x203   The ThinBikeThe ThinBike is a collaborative design by founder Graham Hill and German manufacturer Schindelhauer. The main feature of this amazing creation is that the bike can be folded flat, well, as much as a bike can.

Functional in its minimalistic design yet shows elegance on its stark white theme, the ThinBike is for the answer for every cyclist’s dilemma on space when you bring your bike inside your already crammed apartment or pad.

The idea behind the ThinBike is simple. Find a way on how to maximize the space occupied by your bike. The answer was a Speedlift Twist, folding pedals and Gates Carbon Drive mechanism.

The Speedlift Twist is a retrofit attachment to the handlebar headset of the ThinBike. It functions to allow the handlebars get turned sideways without including the front wheel. From a 12 inch handlebar, after twisting it sideways, the bar ends are now aligned with the rest of the bike, giving you about 6.5 inches of space occupied.

Another issue was the pedals and the ThinBike addressed this by folding them in. Instead of the regular metal on bike chains and sprockets, the ThinBike uses Gates Carbon Drive mechanism. This is a slimmer and less bulky system which is also maintenance free.

With all the adjustments and folding, the ThinBike occupies a space of about 7.5 inches from the wall. It is currently available as a special order from Schindelhauer at a price of about $1800.

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Source: TreeHugger