pinit fg en rect gray 20   Phoenix V.2 Pedal Straps

phoenix v 2 pedal straps 300x300   Phoenix V.2 Pedal StrapsMade in Japan, the Phoenix V.2 Pedal Straps has gotten rave reviews. Tested by international riders, the pedal straps assures you of a snug fit and a comfortable ride. It is made from 100% nylon material with black body and red logo graphics.

The Phoenix V.2 Pedal Straps features a dual velcro system. There are two layers of velcro strap to keep your foot and pedal as one. The first layer functions to adjust the tightness of the strap around the shoe. On the other hand, the second layer protects the first layer velcro strap.

The two layers gives extra padding on your foot which in turn makes it more comfortable to use. The Phoenix V.2 Pedal Straps comes in freesize and is unisex.

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