nuke proof plasma saddle   Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle

Nuke Proof announced the launch of their new Plasma Saddles, which uses new rail construction, while advancing the product.

The Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle features a CrN Ti rail compound, which is based on performance. End result, a stronger rail, and lighter in weight. Nuke Proof also teamed up with Velo for their touches and customization.

The Parallel Logo saddles used the Nuke Proof logo and text and brushed chrome rails. Leather was added plus a synthetic grip strip, this is to improve the grip when in muddy conditions. Weighing in at 215 grams, and 275mm x 132mm in size, the Nuke Proof Plasma saddles should be available soon.

nuke proof plasma saddle 1   Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle

nuke proof plasma saddle 2   Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle

nuke proof plasma saddle 3   Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle