pinit fg en rect gray 20   No.6 Van Moof Urban Bike

no 6 van moof urban bike 2 300x219   No.6 Van Moof Urban BikeVan Moof comes out with an upgraded No.6 Urban Bike with the goal of elevating the status of the bike being dubbed as a “poor man’s ride”. The No. 6 model will debut at this year’s EuroBike Convention, targeting men and women cyclists on their quest for a sleek bike that is both chic and functional. Van Moof Marketing Niels Bark explains, “Everything about the bike has got to be ‘hater proof’. And we want to lift the bike up so that it isn’t seen as the poor man’s vehicle, but is still affordable, minimalistic, and full of style. You dress up nicely for going to work, and you want something nice to ride.”

The top frame bar is modified at a lower angle. The fenders have several color options and come with matching chain guard. It also features a rack which you can mount on the top frame tube by removing the light. You can reattach the light back after the rack is in place. The rack can carry a weight of 10 kilos.

The Van Moof No.6 weighs 14.9 kilos and has a built-in lock system. It will be available in the U.S. in October. The bike will have 3 speeds and front brakes.

no 6 van moof urban bike 1   No.6 Van Moof Urban Bike