pinit fg en rect gray 20   MountainSmith Bike Cube Deluxe Bag

bike cube deluxe bag 1 300x257   MountainSmith Bike Cube Deluxe BagMountainSmith is more popularly known for its lumbar packs and camera bags. The Bike Cube is totally different. It is a cycling specific bag with an ID card holder and it is designed carrying all the necessities for the rider on the move.

The Bike Cube Deluxe has a mesh pouch for your helmet and a center storage area for your shoes. It is equipped with a roll up tool bag and has plenty of space for internal storage to accommodate multi-tools, lube, spare tubes and other stuff. It also has two fleece lined eyewear pouches, mesh top and side panels with other various pockets and pouches for your valuables.

The Bike cube Deluxe bag has a removable padded fold out mat for your feet which could be used as a transition mat where you could change your gear in case you are in a triathlon race. It has detachable padded shoulder straps and two center handles. It is built to be durable at $75 tag price. The MountainSmith Bike Cube De Luxe bag is built to fit all your biking needs.

bike cube deluxe bag 2   MountainSmith Bike Cube Deluxe Bag