pinit fg en rect gray 20   Le Pliable Folding Bike

le pliable folding bike 1 300x212   Le Pliable Folding BikeThe “Le Pliable” folding bike is a bold creation bike by a French designer in Boston. The bike uses the standard basic components of a bicycle and all its parts are readily replaceable. The designer, Saul Maret based his concept on the central headset position.

The “Le Pliable” folding bike presents some interesting features. To begin, its frame is foldable Aluminum 6061 anodized tube treatment and with a 11/8” headset. It has a quick release open saddle that can also be folded and a snap release open modify seatpost height. In addition, it has an open swingarm that could be quickly released and folded. Likewise, the pedals can be folded and stays remain in crank window. It is very innovative concept worth riding.

Other remarkable features are the red deflector and red LEDs, the wheel size is 16” and with a gearbox in hub of 3 sprockets. The length of the bike is 1205mm from front to rear and the height is 1179mm.

The design is unique in itself and remarkable as Saul would put it that it can be folded into multiple configuration depending on the rider’s convenience. Saul stresses out, “…you can fold the entire bike (frame, saddle, pedals, swingarm, handlebar) or one of these depending on where you leave it.” The wheels remain mobile to allow you to “…push it around like a golf caddy” very much like that of a folded Stirva.

le pliable folding bike 2   Le Pliable Folding Bike

le pliable folding bike 3   Le Pliable Folding Bike

le pliable folding bike 4   Le Pliable Folding Bike

Source: BicycleDesign