pinit fg en rect gray 20   Green Oil Bicycle Brush

green oil bicycle brush   Green Oil Bicycle Brush

The Green Oil Bicycle Brush has recently launched by Green Oil to which Simon Nash, director of Green Oil UK proudly claims that it is the first bicycle product duly approved by Forestry Stewardship Council. It is now out in the market for £9.99. Nash stated, “…a brush that contains absolutely no plastic, and which is FSC certified, protecting forests. The Luxury Green Oil Bicycle Brush is a quality multi-use brush with a traditional edge.”

The certification requires the product to have used wood provided from developmental reservation where for every tree cut, another is planted in its stead. Green Oil’s Bicycle Brush is made from the rubber tree. In this case, when bristles wear out and come off, it is biodegradable.

The special bristles are strong enough to rid mudded sprockets and chains, yet soft enough not to damage the anodized finishing while cleaning. It eliminates the claw brush to clean derailleur cogs and be used as a chain cleaning device, tooth brush, wheel cleaning and spoke brush by using its remarkable handle. All these effective uses are with just one Bicycle Brush.

green oil bicycle brush 1   Green Oil Bicycle Brush

green oil bicycle brush 2   Green Oil Bicycle Brush