pinit fg en rect gray 20   Falco e Motors

falco emotors 300x194   Falco e MotorsTeam Hybrid LTD, UK’s leading manufacturers of manual hand cycles and power assisted hand cycles for the disabled and physically challenged, will introduce two lightweight e-Motors under the brand name Falco at EuroBike 2010.

The e-Motors come from a multi, multi-pole permanents magnet motor technology which turns out to be more efficient that the 3-phase motors. The Falco e-Motors are flexible and can be installed on the front or rear wheel. It also has disc brake and free wheel adapters to suit your preference.

The Falco e-Motors shaved off 25% of its weight over the average gearless hub motors. Team Hybrid boasts a 10% efficiency rate and a 30% increase on power and torque. To make pedaling smooth and easy, the cogging torque is also reduced by 40%.

The first e-Motor features a 1000W capacity and weighs 3.5kg. It has a peak torque of 55Nm and over 90% efficiency rate. The second e-Motor is 400W, weighs 2kg and has a peak torque of 22Nm. It also has a more than 90% efficiency rate.

Aside from the motors, Team Hybrid will be launching a 9Ah, 36V Li-Ion hub battery pack which weighs 3.5kg and follows installation features as that of the two new motors. All products are wireless technology ready.