pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bont 2011 A2, Vaypor Road Shoes

bont a2 and vaypor road shoes 1 300x168   Bont 2011 A2, Vaypor Road ShoesFor 2011, Bont brings two new shoes, the A2 and the Vaypor. The A2 is a carbon composite road shoe that aims to provide super stiff pedaling experience. The Vaypor boasts of superior quality, besting the competition when it comes to stack height, power transfer and weight to strengthen ration.

The two new models have lowered carbon height around the toe area, front air vents and air gills found at the arch of the shoe. Fully heat moldable, the shoes have memory foam padding and a 3 hole Look configuration for cleat mounting.

The A2 is handmade with carbon fiber and fiberglass materials. On the other hand, microfiber materials are used for the liner and outer skin. It has a stack height of 4.4mm and weighs 265g. It closes with 2 Velcro straps and buckle and comes in color white. SRP-$350 AUD

The Vaypor is a 100% carbon shoe with new suede L liner. Handmade with cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber, the Vaypor has a stack height of 3.6mm and weighs 240g. It has a Z form Velcro strap plus buckle and comes in leather (white) and microfiber (white, black, black and white, white and hot pink). SRP-$480 AUD

bont a2 and vaypor road shoes 2   Bont 2011 A2, Vaypor Road Shoes