pinit fg en rect gray 20   Biomega NYC, LDN Urban Commuters

biomega nyc ldn urban commuters   Biomega NYC, LDN Urban Commuters

Recently, Biomega worked with Puma not only on various bikes but to launch a website. Now Biomega has announced they will release two new urban commuters, the NYC and LDN.

Biomega brought in two artist to design the respective bikes. Ross Lovegrove designed the LDN, and Danish design group KiBiSi took on the NYC model. One thing both bikes will have in common is a belt drive, and integrated mudguard.

The Biomega LDN frame is made of carbon fiber sheets, that are layered for a stiff and light one piece monocoque commuter frame. The form is similar to a wishbone, while all parts of the drive (systems and steering). The split towards the forks was added for two reasons: to lighten the bike, and to hang from a wall.

Biomega NYC takes a page out of the CPH book, but the difference is the NYC uses a smooth carbon fiber belt drive. Although a classic silhouette, the NYC utilizes a integrated front mudguard within the aluminum down tube.

You can check out the LDN and NYC now at EuroBike, ShowHow design in Tent London (September 23rd to 26th), or InterBike.

biomega nyc ldn urban commuters 1   Biomega NYC, LDN Urban Commuters