bianchi 2011 pista sei giorni fixed gear   Bianchi 2011 Pista Sei Giorni Fixed Gear

Another new addition to Bianchi’s fixed department is the 2011 Pista Sei Giorni.

The Bianchi 2011 Pista Sei Giorni is a tribute to the 6 day track races, which lasts 24 hours a day, and the winning team is that who completes the most laps. Pista Sei Giorni translates to Track Six Days.

Now, the 2011 Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni fixed features a aluminum frame and fork, 48t crank, 16t fixed cog (with a single speed flip flop), drop track handlebars, and a front brake (although not shown in the picture). A dominate white paint job, plus red hints are sure to turn a few heads.